Plant Light Party


Here is the current set up for my grow light. Not the ideal way but better than no light. Last night, when this photo was taken, I had most of my plant friends basking in the red and blue LED light. Today I only placed a few. As I mentioned in the previous post I purchased plants for gifts. We haven’t had much sun lately so I wanted to make sure I could provide them with the light they needed. Don’t want my gifts to die! Hope they like it! 🙂

Little Update

Plant Lady

Lately I’ve been feeling very good. More at peace. I have been focusing more on the care of my plants and have expanded my plant family. I am also buying them as gifts for friends and family. I have enough now to keep me busy. Every evening is spent touching, looking and caring for them. I bought a grow light yesterday. There hasn’t been a lot of direct sun where I am lately. My plants seem to be doing fine but I want to make sure they get the light they need.

I am just living my life one day at a time. I feel this is the best approach for me. I still get stressed and upset from time to time, but I am human after all, I am just dealing with these moments a bit better. I am nowhere near as self-destructive as I used to be. The days spent in bed doing nothing are behind me.

I’ve learned a lot in the past couple of years. It’s amazing how just having a few stones thrown at you can toughen you up and make you stronger. I could let them weigh me down but I choose not to. I still have a long way to go as far as being the best I can be but at least now I am moving forward even if it is slow.

Despite acquiring quite a bit of acne lately (McDonalds, oops); I am more confident in my appearance than I’ve ever been. No I’m not perfect and yes there are things I still don’t like but I have accepted my body as my own finally. For the first time in my life this summer I wore a tight fitted dress with most of my arms and legs exposed, also without a push-up bra (Last year I stopped wearing mine, I am not against them at all but decided to embrace my small size). That may seem like nothing but it was a big deal for me.

Also my hair is growing out and I haven’t dyed it yet! I am my natural blonde right now and I love it. I’ve been dying my hair different colors(usually bright colors) for probably about 15 years so this is an interesting change for me.

I didn’t post on this blog as much as I had planned to this year but thanks to those who are still following! 🙂


No one is perfect.

There are folks out there that compare themselves to others thinking that the person is perfect and they themselves are not. This leads to unrealistic expectations and to self destructive behavior.

Perfection in nature, including in human beings, does not exist. That is the beauty of it.

However, using the excuse of being an imperfect person to justify bad behavior doesn’t count. That is not how this works. If you have bad intentions that is beyond the scope of imperfections. Imperfections are our physical flaws and the inevitability of making mistakes.

Be your imperfect authentic self. ❇️


The past called and told me to tell you to get the fuck over it!!

Something us past dwellers need to read.

Stop complaining about the past and move the fuck on!

Life is short, live in the present and look forward to the future.


One of my favorites.

Some people think it is the quantity they have that makes them whole and enriched, but it is instead the quality of what you have that does.

It’s better to have a few exceptional things, traits, friends, experiences, etc. than to have a large amount of average.

As Al Capone said of friends:
“Be careful who you call your friends. I’d rather have four quarters than one hundred pennies.”