White Moth

Rest in peace beautiful one. ••♡•♡•♡••

I looked up the symbolism of white moths and for a lot of cultures a white moth means death of a loved one, they also can represent souls, some believe them to be souls that are living, some believe dead, other believe them to be unrested souls saying their final goodbye. However, the symbolism of death and the moth seem to be if one flys into your house or is at the very least alive. This one was not. So I decided to look further into it.

Death in general means transitions. Change, progression, and phases. The place, time and weather when you come across a dead animal can impact its meaning as well. I found her in a flower pot with living plants on my balcony today. Sunny with a bit of rain. I felt good when I saw her, I felt like I found a treasure or a gift.

Moths in general can mean determination, fragility, clairvoyance, and psychic abilities.

Also, to keep in mind, white in general is the color to represent purity and as well as everything (all colors of light add up to white). And the damaged wing would play a role in its meaning as well.

It is also a nocturnal creature. This can be about moving forward by the use of other senses and other means than by going based on what I see directly. Going about in the darkness and letting my intuition guide me…

When interpreting the meaning of this dead animal I have to reflect on what is going on in my life to understand its message… I won’t share the details of what I believe this message to mean exactly, but I will say that for me it is a message of change and renewal overall. I see it as positive.

I don’t think I would have seen it as a symbol if I had seen it at another time but today I felt it was and was curious to investigate. Looking into what it meant and what is actually going on for me now makes me believe that it is a message for me, a good one.

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