I don’t write much here. Most of the time I don’t know what to write. I started a new job and I work from home for a call center. It is nice to work from home but I would prefer to not take calls. It is not fulfilling, it is just for now. I am still on the lookout for other opportunities. I would like to go back to university eventually too. I am just trying to sort myself out here.

Seeing the sunshine on my balcony today made me excited for the warm weather that is coming. I can’t wait to get more plants. My little apartment here has been a very slow work in progress but it is getting there. Still have to fill in some holes, paint the living room/kitchen area, paint the tub, paint the doors, paint the one wall in the bedroom, buy a kitchen island… Still a lot to do but I have done a lot already as well.  My cute little shoebox apartment in downtown Montreal.

I don’t know if I have spoken about it already here on my blog but this area is absolutely perfect for someone who gets around mostly by foot. I have definitely have said it many times to the people I know already! I love this location! Literally, everything I need is in walking distance. There are several grocery stores in a 10-minute radius for example… I’ve been around many areas in Montreal and there are other areas that I love too but this one is the best for having all your needs within walking distance. Surprisingly near McGill, there is only one big grocery store nearby and it is over 15 mins for a lot of people to walk to. I am more west downtown, in Shaughnessy Village. I got lucky to find a place at a cheap price. Other 1 bedrooms in this area are over $1000. I am paying $695, it will be going up through to $710. The downside is the size and lack of sunlight inside but I still love it and still feel I was meant to be here at this time. Hopefully, only one or two more apartments before I buy.

I have been trying to be more creative/crafty lately. I used to be much more creative when I was younger but interestingly after I did a year at craft college (2010-2011) I stopped. The only creative thing I really did consistently after that was photography. At least I did that 🙂 But now I am doing cross stitches, sewing, and trying to draw and paint. I am not doing so well with the drawing and painting but I am trying nonetheless.

I still spend too much time browsing social media which is a super unhealthy habit that I’ve had since I was about 14. Maybe 13. I literally will just browse the feed for a long period of time, wasting time. Not cool at all! Clearly, it is an addiction that I just can’t seem to break yet. This is the main reason I take breaks from social media from time to time.

Speaking of addictions… Even though I never had a serious addiction to cannabis, I don’t smoke it at all anymore. I just get tired and burnt out and I don’t like it. Also, it has been a year since I have drunk coffee. I did drink it once by mistake in December. I thought it was decaf but shortly after I felt that it was not! I am proud of that because I do like the taste of coffee but as stated in a previous post it gave me anxiety. As for alcohol, I don’t drink much at all anymore. Proud of that too. “Getting fucked up/wasted” is not my thing. That isn’t to say I haven’t had good alcohol buzzes and may have some good times in the future but a lot of the time if I get drunk it just isn’t good for me. Even if nothing bad happened that night, I tend to feel depressed for a couple days after if I drink a lot.

I managed to gain a little bit of weight, hopefully it stays this time but who knows! My hair is still growing too. I went from dying it every two months for years to not at all. Doesn’t mean I am done FOREVER but I am appreciating my natural color for now 🙂

After seeing my skin break out and scare starting in the Fall of 2018 I have been taking better care of my skin too!

Anyways, just a random boring life update. … 🙂




I had many looks in 2009 (and in general so far) but this is one of the few photos I have left from that time! I love the hair color and asymmetrical bangs! ♡

Here is a video of me from 8 years ago doing my first buzzcut.